Vol. 2 No. 1
Effect of sowing date, seed rate of wheat and different densities of little seed canary grass (Phalaris minor Ratz.) on growth and productivity of wheat.
Abstract: Experiments conducted at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi d1.1ring 1998-99 revealed that late sowing (mid December) significantly reduced the productive tillers, spikelet per spike, grain per spike, 1000 grain weight ancL yield of wheat as compared to mid November sowing. The yield increase of wheat was 10.5-16.9% with 150 kg/ha seed rate of wheat in the plot with maximum P. minor infestation as compared to that ( 4.8-4. 9%) with 100 kg/ha. Increasing the P. minor densities from 0 to 200 I m1 significantly reduced leaf area of wheat at 60 DAS and 90 DAS, number of tillers at 60 DAS, ear bearing tillers, grain per spike, 1000 grain weight and ultimately the yield of wheat by 23.9% to 32.58%.
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