Vol. 11 No. 1
Conjoint application of biofertilizer and phosphorous levels on growth, nodulation, nutrient uptake and productivity of lentil [Lens culinaris Medikus] in red and lateritic soils of West Bengal
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2011-12 and 2012-13 at Agricultural Research Farm, Institute of Agriculture, Visva-Bharati, Sriniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal to study the effect of biofertilizers [Untreated control, Rhizobium, PSB (phosphate solubilizing bacteria) and Rhizobium + PSB] and phosphorous levels (0, 30, 45 and 60 kg P O ha-1) on growth, nodulation, productivity and nutrient content of lentil in red and lateritic soils of West Bengal. The results showed that the application of 60 kg P O ha-1 being at par with 45 kg ha-1 recorded the maximum plant height (38.5 cm) at harvest, dry matter accumulation (125.47gm-3), seed yield (703.4 kg ha-1), stalk yield (1392.6 kg ha-1) and uptake of N (32.87 and 24.99 kg ha-1 in stalk and grain, respectively), P (6.61 and 4.77 kg ha-1 in stalk and grain, respectively) and K (15.71 and 7.49 kg ha-1 in stalk and grain, respectively) at harvest. Among seed inoculation treatments, Rhizobium + PSB produced significantly taller plants (40.0 cm), maximum dry matter accumulation (114.78 g m-3), seed yield (709.10 kg ha-1) and stalk yield (1363.30 kg ha-1), harvest index 33.99% and uptake of N (82.51kg ha-1) and P (19.33 kgha-1) at harvest than other biofertilizers treatments. Combined effect of 60 kg ha-1P O + Rhizobium +PSB produced significantly higher grain yield (1024.30 kg ha-1) and phosphorous uptake by grain (5.32kg ha-1) than other combinations except 45 kg P O kg ha-1+ Rhizobium +PSB. Yield advantages were obtained due to 45 Kg P O ha-1 + PSB (10.52, 17.48 and 9.89%), 45 kg P O + Rhizobium + PSB (20.31, 27.88 and 19.62%), 60 kg P O + PSB (26.59, 34.56 and 25.87 %) and 60 Kg P2O5 + PSB + Rhizobium (27.70, 35.74 and 26.97%) as against only seed inoculation with PSB (802.1 kg ha-1), only Rhizobium (754.6 kg ha-1) and only 30 kg P O ha-1 (806.7 kg ha-1), respectively.
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