Vol. 11 No. 1
Productivity and profitability of greengram (Vigna radiata l.) as influenced by rice crop establishment and nutrient management practices in rice- greengram cropping system
Author(s): T. R. MOHANTY, 1P. K. ROUL, 2S. K. MAITY AND 3A NAYAK
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted in North Central Plateau Zone of Odisha to evaluate the residual effect of three rice establishment methods (SRI, drum seeding and conventional transplanting) and three nutrient management practices [RDF (80:40:40 N: P O5: K O kg ha-1), 50% R.D.F. + 50% R.D.F. through organic sources (based on nitrogen requirement) i.e. INM and 100% RDF through organic management (OM)] and direct effect of three nutrient management practices viz. RDF (20:40:40 N: P O : K O kg ha-1), 50% RDF + biofertlizer (BF) and no fertilizer on performance of greengram in a rice-greengram cropping system during rabi seasons of 2009-10 and 2010–11. The design was split plot in kharif and split-split plot in rabi with treatments replicated thrice. Methods of rice establishment did not influence the performance of subsequent greengram. OM in rice being at par with INM exhibited the highest yield (852 kg ha-1), net return (Rs. 23554 ha-1) and return Rs.-1 invested (2.56). 50% RDF + BF application to greengram increased seed yield (930 kg ha-1) by 10.7 and 64.9% over RDF and no fertilizer, respectively. It also recorded the highest nutrient uptake and harvest index, net return (Rs.26980 ha-1) and return Rs.-1 invested (2.80).
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