Vol. 11 No. 1
Evaluation of garlic (Allium sativum L.) genotypes for plant architecture and yield
Author(s): U. KUMAR AND 1B. PRASAD
Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to screen the 21 genotypes of garlic for plant growth, yield and yield contributing parameter under field condition for two consecutive years. Attempt has been made to assess the genetic variation for plant architecture and yield traits of garlic genotypes. Among genotypes, RAUG-4 observed as the tallest plant having maximum number of leaves, however, RAUG-5 had the ability to complete their life cycle at a shortest period and potent to produce larger size of bulb along with maximum marketable as well as total yield. The plants with medium height bearing sizeable number of leaves with a rapid growth, quickly to harvest photo radiation and accumulated photosynthates into the economic partat a better way. Besides the superior genotypes are RAUG-5 and RAUG-16, RAUG-12, RAUG-7, RAUG-15 and RAUG-4 were moderate yielder. However, the genotype RAUG-1, RAUG-2, RAUG-3, RAUG-6 RAUG-10, RAUG-14, RAUG-17 exhibited somewhat lower performance (45- 70 q ha-1) while accession RAUG-8, RAUG-9, RAUG-11, RAUG-18 RAUG-19 and RAUG-20 depicted as poor yielder.
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