Vol. 11 No. 1
Studies on incidence pattern of banana pseudo stem weevil (Odoiporus longicollis Oliv) under Gangetic tracts of West Bengal
Abstract: Keeping in view of the growing economic importance of banana pseudostem weevil (Odoiporus longicollis Oliv.) and dearth of detailed information regarding seasonality of the pest, the present investigation has been conducted to study the incidence pattern of this pest on cv. Martaman (AAB) and Kanchkel (ABB) in farmers’ plots at different locations of Nadia district, West Bengal during 2007-08. The field investigation revealed that the pest infestation appeared and established in 8 months old plants where the planting was completed within September, 2006. The trend of incidence pattern of O. longicollis shows that it remains active throughout the year on both the cultivars. Initial infestation was 3.63% on cv. Martaman and 2.14% on cv. Kanchkel at 23rd standard week i.e. during June, 2007. The infestation has been recorded highest at 26th standard week i.e. during June, 2008 in both the cultivars but, the degree of damage has been recorded higher on cv. Martaman (17.56%) as compared to cv. Kanchkel (10.43%) indicating that cv. Kanchkel is less susceptible to O. longicollis than cv. Martaman. The results from correlation studies on the influence of meteorological parameters showed that incidence of O. longicollis was positively correlated with maximum and minimum temperature and minimum relative humidity in case of cv. Martaman whereas a positive correlation of maximum and minimum temperature of this pest on cv. Kanchkel has been recorded.
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