Vol. 11 No. 1
Standardizing agro techniques of organic rice for ecofriendly production
Abstract: An experiment was conducted at College of Agriculture, Vellayani during the year 2012 to standardize the nutrient schedule and weed management techniques for organic rice with its economic feasibility. The experiment was laid out in split-plot design with four replications. The study revealed the superiority of closer spacing (15×15 cm) on grain and straw yield. The stale seed bed technique and hand weeding were at par with respect to grain yield. The grain and straw yield were the higher with one third RDN as FYM, one third as vermicompost and one third as vermicompost and one third as neem cake + 2 kg Azospirillum + 2 kg P solubilizing bacteria ha-1, and statistically at par with soil test based application (half as vermicompost and half as neem cake). Stale seed bed technique and closer spacing effectively controlled the weeds. The weed biomass was lower with FYM 1 t + green leaf manure 1 t+ dual culture of Azolla + 2 kg Azospirillum + 2 kg P solubilizing bacteria + 1 kg PGPR (mix 1) ha-1 and FYM 5 t+ 800 kg oil cakes ha-1 (half basal + half top dressing at active tillering stage). The comparison between organic and conventional methods showed significant difference at all the crop growth stages with the least weed biomass in organic over conventional.
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