Vol. 11 No. SP
Microbial respiration of novel biomixtures used for biopurifications system
Author(s): S. Mukherjee, W. Tappe, D. Hoffmann, S. Koeppchen, U. Disko, L. Weihermueller, p. Burauel and H. Vereecken
Abstract: To overcome the problem of on farm point sources of pollution stemming from improper handling, spillages and leakages during filling and cleaning of spraying equipments, environmental friendly and low cost technology filter systems are under development. Biochar and digestate mixtures with two types of soil (sandy and silt loam) had been used as a biofilter test material for a respiration study instead of conventional soil, peat and straw mixtures. The results show that digestate is an easily available C-source leading to highest release of CO2-C compared to all other biomixtures used in the present experiment. It was found that 2 with the addition of even a small amount (1 % W/W) of biochar there is a profound suppression in the CO2-C release.
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