Vol. 11 No. SP
Impact of microfinance on SHG members: a socio-economic analysis in Burdwan district of West Bengal, India
Author(s): S. Mukharjee, S. C. Pradhan, S. Haldar, S. K. M. Rahaman and Sowmyashree B. V.
Abstract: An investigation was carried out to study the Impact of micro-finance on SHG members in Burdwan district in West Bengal during 2011-12. A sample of 60 SHGs members were chosen from two villages viz. Gopal Nagar (village-1) nearer to block head quarter and the Rosui Khondo (village-2) farthest from the block head through SRSWOR method. The microfinance through SHGs helped the members in capital formation activities in livestock and poultry raring, agriculture, irrigation structure, educating their children’s, etc. The on farm employment generating has been escalated while, women participation in income generation activities are greatest impact. On an average, the SHGs members’ households earned Rs. 39327 and Rs. 26683 respectively in village-1 and village-2. The t statistics of average total income showed that members in village-1 could generate significantly higher income than village-2 as they could access the district head quarter very frequently. The Kendall’s W test showed that members from both the villages unanimously accepted that the benefits from micro-credit (SHG model) and were highly satisfied.
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