Vol. 11 No. SP
Varietal evaluation of chilli in the saline belt of West Bengal
Author(s): P. K. Karak, A. Pariari, C. Karak
Abstract: Ten number of chilli cultivars were evaluated on the basis of their vegetative growth, flowering behaviour, fruit yield and quality in the saline belt for consecutive two years during 2008-10. The experiment was designed in Randomised Block Design with 10 treatments and 3 replications. Seedlings were spaced at 60 x 45 cm and grown with recommended cultural practices for saline belt of West Bengal. Result showed that in this agro-climatic situation, cv. Beladanga performed the best than others in both the years in relation to most of the characters like highest number of flowers and fruits per plant and highest projected yield of green and dry chilli. Regarding qualitative parameters, maximum capsaicin and ascorbic acid content in the fruit was also obtained in this cultivar. The cultivation of cv. Beladanga in this agroclimatic condition was also found most economical considering the Benefit: Cost ratio (4.03).
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