Vol. 13 No. 3
Vertical gardening for enlivening the ambiance
Author(s): M. Malakar, P. Acharyya and S. Biswas
Abstract: Illustration of the word ‘Vertical Gardening’ reveals the way of employing wide range of plants allowed to extend upwardly in lieu of growing them along the soil surface. It is the way to implant a patch of gardening both in extramural and interior segment of urban dwelling areas. Equivocality of having own garden at open premises and hasty expansion of concrete structures are the root cause of owning this contemporary style of gardening in modern era. The development of ‘Green Wall’ at office premises or corporate places will fetch a chic look as graceful adornments along with an enlivened ambiance being created enriched microclimate supplemented with oxygen offering good health for workers. Presently in market availability of its variegated designs for both aesthetic and creative gardens upgrading its popularity and versatility gingerly. So it is easy to mount at apartment balconies or any other appartment place receive least care and maintenance Thus, anyone suffering from encroachment of spaces year after year can rescue from the captivity being implemented this ‘horizontal garden’ form will surely add a height to their life styles.
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