Vol. 13 No. 3
Response to water stress on some seedling characters of tossa jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)
Author(s): S. Yumnam, A. Sawarkar and S. Mukherjee
Abstract: The present investigation dealt to determine moisture stress tolerant genotypes to overcome stress. Genotypes were raised in laboratory using PEG 6000 and field in rainfed conditions. Out of genotypes, OIJ 213 and OIJ 299 showed superior performance with respect to almost all the root characters in field and laboratory experiments. It could be used as donor parents to develop hybrids having tolerance to water stress at early stages of growth as well as for studying the inheritance pattern of stress tolerance. OIJ 246, OIN 986 JRO 524, OEX 008, OIJ 284, and JRO 8432 were considered as susceptible on the basis of reduction of most of the root and shoot characters in both conditions. Tolerance index of these genotypes were also found to be comparatively low. These genotypes might be used in hybridization programme for crop improvement.
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