Vol. 13 No. 3
Post harvest processing and marketing of large cardamom in India
Author(s): K. C. Bhutia, S. O. Bhutia, R. Chatterjee and A. Pariari
Abstract: Large cardamom is an important spice crop in India. Seeds of large cardamom possess medicinal properties like carminative, stomachic, diuretic, cardiac stimulant, and anthelmintic. In India, harvesting and processing of large cardamom capsules are carried out in traditional ways in spite of having many advanced processing methods. Besides, lack of good marketing channel has also restricted the growers to get better price for their produce. This article reviews the postharvest processing methods (curing, calyx cutting, packaging, and storage), quality issues and their impacts on the value chain and trade patterns. It also focuses on the marketing aspects and suggest approaches for future research and development that could make this crop more popular and sustainable.
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