Vol. 15 No. 2
Parameters of AMMI model to analyse GxE of feed barley trials
Abstract: Highly significant GxE interaction for feed yield was partitioned into signal 93.03 and noise 6.97per cent. AMMI model recommended usage of seven significant IPCAs accordingly Finally type 1 of AMMI measures (EV1, ASTAB1, SIPC1, D1), considered G19, G21, G13, G29 as desirable genotypes and G10 as of unstable performance; based on the type 2 (EV2, ASTAB2, SIPC2, D2 and ASV) G16, G21 were genotypes of choice and G10 as unsuitable; as per type 3 (EV3, ASTAB3, SIPC3 and D3), G16, G7, G5, G13 were stable genotypes and G26 of unstable type; according to the type 5 (EV5, ASTAB5, SIPC5 and D5), genotypes G23, G3, G5, G25 were of choice and G10 & G21 were not recommended; lastly based on the type 7 (EV7, ASTAB7, SIPC7 and D7), genotypes G4, G15, G2, G6 and G12 and G27 were detected as the unstable genotypes. AMMI based measures showed genotypes G25 and G13 had the good yield performance while the yield performance of G17 and G4 were of low yield. Clustering of measures with yield expressed three groups. Largest group I contains yield with SIPC1, SIPC2, SIPC3, SIPC5, SIPC7 as well as ASTAB2, ASTAB3 ASTAB5, ASTAB7 along with IPAC1 measures.
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