Vol. 15 No. 2
Identification of variants induced by physical and chemical mutagens in tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)
Abstract: The present investigation was carried out at Horticultural Research Station, Mandouri, Nadia, West Bengal during the year 2014-16 to isolated some putative mutants in tuberose. Different doses of 60Co gamma rays (to bulbs) and varied concentrations of EMS (to seeds) were applied to tuberose cv. Calcutta Double and Arka Nirantara respectively. Mutation having tall and branched spike and other almost one and half times taller (1.6m) than the untreated control (1.01m)could be scored from 10kr gamma rays treatment. The third mutant scored from bulbs treated with 10 kr gamma rays was a unique chlorophyll variegated leaf mutant designated as Pranta Rekha that has green leaves with white margins. One dwarf and other with altered floral characteristics resulted from 1% EMS treatment from the cv.Arka Nirantra. The branched mutant will provide the advantage of harvesting more number of flowers at a time and the leaf variegated mutant would have ornamental values. New mutant genes could be scored therefore from the mutagen treated population in tuberose. Gamma rays were exhibiting more mutagenic efficiency than EMS as far as commercial value is concern.
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