Vol. 15 No. 2
A report on Emex australis Steinh.-An emerging weed problem of wheat at Faridabad region of Haryana
Abstract: An invasive weed Emex australis Steinh. is native of Southern Africa and significant weed of Western Australia which belongs to family Polygonaceae. It is commony known as ‘doublegee’, ‘three corner jack’ or ‘spiny emex’. Wheat field was selected for field experimentation where the species was recorded from extensive survey of 25 villages of district Faridabad, Haryana. It was growing gregariously in small to large patches. It is monoecious winter herb, prostrate, annual and having three angled nut enclosed in spinescent perianth. The species is highly invasive and only reported in Jammu and Kashmir and was found as new record of Upper Gangetic Plains of some parts of Uttar Pradeshin India. The plant has tendency to spread rapidly and may become an aggressive weed of wheat crop. The maximum population density of E. australis was recorded 2.7 m-2 in Chhainsa village and minimum at Kanaura village i.e. 0.5 m-2 among 25 villages. The population densities of 25 villages, taxonomic description and ecological behaviour of E. australis are further described in this paper.
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