Vol. 3 No. 1
Effect of growth regulators on growth, yield and natural enemies of potato.
Author(s): R.C. SAMUI AND A. ROY
Abstract: A field experiment on the effect of triacontanol (miraculan and vipul) on potato was conducted during 2002-2003 and 2003- 2004 on farmers field at Surekalna, West Bengal. The treatments consisted of Miraculan (Triacontanol 0.05% EC) at 0.125 g.a.i. ha-1, 0.250 g.a.i. ha-1, 0.500 g.a.i. ha-1 and 1.000 g.a.i. ha-1, Vipul (Triacontanol 0.1%EC) at 0.250 g.a.i. ha-1 and 0.500 g.a.i. ha-1. The plot size was 10mX5m. The variety used was Kufri Jyoti. Application of Miraculan at 0 .250 g.a.i. ha-1, 0.500 g.a.i. ha-1 and 1.000 g.a.i. ha-1 and Vipul at 0.500 g.a.i. ha-1 significantly increased dry matter production, LAI, tuber bulking rate, size of tubers and yield of potato. Three major groups of predators obynerus sp, chrysopids sp and coccinellids sp were found in potato field. There was no phytotoxic effect of Miraculan on potato and no detrimental effect on predators.
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