Vol. 5 No. 2
Effect of various nutrient management practices on productivity, soil fertility status and water use efficiency of french bean grown under homestead condition in Nadia district of West Bengal.
Abstract: Among all the vegetables grown in New Alluvial zone of West Bengal, french bean occupies special importance in terms of production, acreage and economic return. But non-application of adequate nutrients prevents the farmers for getting desired yield from this vegetable. Generally the farmers cultivate their own variety without any integrated nutrient management approach at homestead level under irrigated farming situation. Keeping this view an investigation was undertaken during the year 2007-08 to 2008-09 in a instructional farm of Nadia Krishi Vigyan Kendra as well as in farmer’s field under the jurisdiction of Nadia Krishi Vigyan Kendra to find out the effect of various nutrient management practices including organic manure of FYM, vermi-compost, bio-fertilizer (Rhizobium culture) as well as integrated approach of both inorganic and organic based nutrient on productivity, soil moisture and fertility status and water use efficiency of french bean grown in winter season under irrigated condition. The results reveal that integrated nutrient management approach like fertilizer management with organic manure (FYM) @ 6 plus 3 of vermicompost as well as seed inoculation with Rhizobium culture along with 75% of recommended dose of fertilizer increase the fresh pod yield, water use efficiency, economic return and build up the soil fertility status by improving physico-chemical properties of soil significantly over the control (farmer’s practice) plot where only chemical fertilizer was used. This study suggest that soil fertility status as well as economic return can be improved on sustainable basis by supplying all the nutrient in judicious way if the farming community of this area advised to follow such kind of integrated nutrient management approach.
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