Vol. 5 No. 2
Presowing seed inoculation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. VL 832) for seed yield and quality enhancement in North-West Himalayan agriculture system.
Abstract: To examine the effect of pre-sowing seed inoculation either singly with Pseuodomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma harzianum or combination with both bio-inoculants @ 4g, 6g, 8g per kg seed of singly or @ (2+2) g, (3+3) g, (4+4) g/kg seed with mixture on growth yield and subsequent seed quality of wheat. The results revealed that the effect of pre-sowing seed bio-inoculation was significant to each and every treatment over un-inoculated control for the field germination, root length, plant height, ear length, number of seeds per ear, 1000-seed weight and seed yield /ha under field trial and also for subsequent seed quality i.e. germination, root, shoot and seedling length, fresh and dry weight of seedling and vigour index under laboratory experiment. Seed yield and its contributing characters as well as subsequent seed quality were increases as the amount of P. fluorescens and T. harzianum increases from @ 4 to 8 g/kg either singly or in combination of both bio-inoculants. The bio-inoculants mixture showed greater influence on seed yield and quality over seed treated either with P. fluorescens and T. harzianum and both bio-inoculants mixture @ (4+4) g/kg seed had maximum influence on characters studies under field as well as laboratory experiment.
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