Vol. 5 No. 2
Response of lentil varieties to sowing time in the plains of West Bengal.
Author(s): A. ROY, S. S. AICH, M. K. BHOWMICK and P. K. BISWAS
Abstract: The response of promising lentil varieties viz. PL 639, B 77 (Asha), WBL 58 (Subrata) and WBL 77 (Moitree) to varying sowing dates viz. Oct. 20, Nov. 01, Nov. 10 and Nov. 20 was studied in a factorial randomized block design with three replications at the Pulses and Oilseeds Research Station, Berhampore, West Bengal during two consecutive rabi seasons of 2004-06. Among the varieties, Moitree (WBL 77) yielded the highest (1332.71 kg ha-1), exhibiting yield advantages to the tune of about 49-70% over the others and its superiority could be explained on the basis of higher podding potentiality (110.63 pods plant-1). Irrespective of the varieties, sowing on November 01 and 10 were found to be advantageous and any advancement or delay in sowing caused yield reduction. As the higher yields were achieved with WBL 77 and B 77 in sowing on Nov. 01, and that too with WBL 58 and PL 639 in sowing on Nov. 10, the first week of November might be considered as the optimum time of sowing these varieties in West Bengal.
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