Vol. 5 No. 2
Effect of atrazine and nutrient resources on soil quality under fodder sorghum.
Author(s): S.K.DAS AND S.K.NAG
Abstract: A study was conducted at IGFRI, Jhansi to evaluate the soil quality through analysis of alkaline monophosphatase activity as affected by pre-emergence application of atrazine @ 1.5 kg a.i. ha-1 and supplementation with farmyard manure in fodder sorghum (cv PC-6) during two consecutive kharif seasons. It was observed that atrazine had some inhibitory effect on soil enzyme activity during initial phases of crop growth, but the effect was not much pronounced and the activity was restored to a considerable extent. Introduction of FYM showed positive effect on soil quality and correlation of organic matter with enzyme activity in sub-surface soil samples. No phytotoxicity was observed in the crop at the used rate of atrazine application.
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