Vol. 7 No. 1
Performance of different wheat genotypes under various levels of nitrogen in rainfed condition of terai region of West Bengal.
Author(s): S. DAS AND B. MITRA
Abstract: A field experiment was to study the pe1:formances of/our irheat genot;pes under 1ota/ ra111fed co11dit1on and also to study the effect of dWerent doses ofnitroge11 on the growth and yield attributes of these genot)pes. The iras fwd out in split plot design irith in three replications. Treatment consisted of three nitrogen levels (40, 60, 80 kg1 ha) plots and four irheat genot;pes (HD 3016, C 306, K 8027. HD 2888) in sub plots. Increase in mtrogen levels resulted in higher vegetative which in turn delayed the maturity. However. production of different genotypes varied significantly under various nitrogen levels. Genot;pes and nitrogen had a sign{(icant effect on yield attributing character like earhead 11 (2, grains spike·\' and thousand grain 1re1ght. Application of nitrogen brought about significant increase in yield up to 80 kg\'ha and the Jughest yield (20. 07 q ha.;) was recorded at 80 kg nitrogen ha·1 1rhich was significantly superior to its /mrer levels (-10 and 60 kg nitrogen ha\'1 ) Among the genot;pes, HO 3016 was the lop yielder 121.37 q ha- 1 ) and the yield increase irns stat1stica//y signijicanl over the check variety HD 2888. On an average HD 3016 produced I 7.80% more yield tha11 the check varietr HD 2888. HD 3016 can be considered as a suitable ramfed mnetyjor tlus region.
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