Vol. 7 No. 1
Effect of time and species on bud union and survivability in citrus under Allahabad condition.
Abstract: India is the second largest producer of fruits after China. Among the various vegetative methods used to propagate the citrus, budding is by far the most common method practiced universally in citriculture. The experiment was laid out in 3×4 factor factorial RBD with T-budding method on four varieties i.e. lime, lemon, Kinnow and grapefruit with 12 treatments in three different times of budding i.e. first week of November, second week of November and third week of November. Maximum success of budding (81.67%) was recorded with lemon budded during first week of November. Minimum days of bud sprouting (13.30), maximum sprout length (8.87 cm), sprout girth (9.09 mm), number of leaves (16.97), number of branches (2.22) was also found with lemon budded during the first week of November. However, highest net return of Rs. 105132 and Benefit:Cost ratio of 8.07 per 1000 budded plants with grapefruit budded during first week of November.
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