Vol. 8 No. 1
Heterosis estimation of wheat grown under boron deficient soil of terai region of West Bengal
Abstract: Present investigation was conducted to estimate the extent of heterosis in 15 cross combinations developed following half diallel mating design involving 6 parents under boron deficient soils of West Bengal. The material generated (F1) along with parents were grown during rabi season of (2007) in the experimental plot following randomized block design with 3 replications and data were recorded on ten randomly selected plants and extent of heterosis was estimated. Significant heterosis as well as heterobeltiosis towards desirable direction was noticed in most of the hybrids for the concerned traits, however, filled grain spike-1 was found to be most influencing trait to enhance yield plant-1. The cross (HD-2733 × Schomburgk) was found to be most promising for superior per-se performance for yield with high heterosis and heterobeltiosis for the characters considered in the present investigation and some elite lines suitable for boron-deficient soil may be evolved from the cross following selection in the successive generations.
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