Vol. 8 No. 1
Evaluation of acid lime cultivars in laterite zone of West Bengal
Author(s): S. N. GHOSH, B. BERA AND S. ROY
Abstract: A study was made at MPS Farm, Jhargram, Paschim Midnapore during 2005 to 2010 with six cultivars namely, Pati Seedless, Pati Hybrid, Pati Baramasi, Kagzi Large, PKM-1 and Gandharaj of acid lime to find out the suitable acid lime cultivar for laterite soil of West Bengal. Evaluation trial conducted for six consecutive years indicated that Tati Hybrid\', a bushy type with less spine in the branches, produced highest yield 46.3 kg plant-1 having maximum fruit weight (167 g) and size (7.1×6.2 cm). The cultivar \'Pati Seedless\', an erect, spineless type, which gave maximum fruits in number (325) and 2nd high yielder by weight (26.0 kg plant-1) was observed to have maximum juice content (49%), T.S.S. (6.0 B) and vitamin C (28.5 mg 100-1) ml juice. Both the cultivars have been recommended for cultivation in the laterite zone of west Bengal. The cultivar \'Kagzi Large\', a spreading type, could be considered for cultivation in laterite soil due to its consistence in bearing, good fruit size and lesser seed content.
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