Vol. 8 No. 1
Variation in physical characters of fruits in F1 hybrids of peach [Prunus persica L.]
Author(s): Y. I. DEVI, S. D. SHARMA AND S. S. ROY
Abstract: The improvement work on peach taken up in different parts of India has resulted in the development of some varieties which have been found suitable for cultivation only in local agro-climatic conditions. A heal peach in Himachal Pradesh, known as \"Kateroo\" having late fruit maturity, was crossed with commercial cultivars to develop hybrids with late maturity and good fruit characters. In the present study, 76 hybrids were developed and evaluated for their physical characters. Considerable variation was observed in respect of physical characters of fruits in the progenies of different crosses of peach. The mean fruit length of different crosses varied from 43.64 to 58.10 mm, fruit breadth 43.88 to 61.34 mm, fruit weight 50.13 to 94.65 g, pulp to stone ratio 9.54 to 19.05, stone length 25.45 to 36.19 mm and stone breadth from 17.05 to 19.65 mm. The fruit of round, ovate oblong and elongated shapes were observed in different hybrids. The ground colour of the fruit was recorded to be yellowish green group whereas the over colour of the fruit was red 52, red 42 and red 47 as per colour chart of Royal Horticultural Society.
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