Vol. 8 No. 1
Evaluation of okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (Moench) L.] as bast fibre crop
Abstract: Selection of better genotypes and hybrids, spinnability, yarn test and path analysis of okra fibre were carried out. On the basis of per se performance, KS-3/2 and Selection 71-14 were best among five parents and PBN-57 X Selection 71-14 and KS-3/2 XPBN-57 among the hybrids for both fibre yield and fibre quality. The genotypic and phenotypic co-efficient of variation were highest for fibre yield followed by dry weight of wood among the parents. For hybrids, high gcv was shown by plant height and pcv by dry weight of wood. The okra fibre is coarser than jute and hence unspinnable alone. The tenacity of blended yarn was poorer than the normal jute yarn. The dry weight of wood showed direct effect on fibre yield. Analysis of fibre fineness and tenacity, fibre cell length (36-138 ยต) showed very high direct effect and its direct selection may improve both fineness and tenacity. The poor quality of okra fibre might be due to late harvesting of plants leading to lignified coarse cell wall.
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