Vol. 8 No. 2
Effect of different extraction methods and concentration of extracts on yield and quality of anthocyanin from plum var. Santa rosa
Author(s): M. P. DEVI AND V. K. JOSHI
Abstract: Plum (Prunus salicinia L.) is one of the most important fruit crops of mid-hill areas of temperate regions which are used both as fresh and in preserved form. Anthocyanins are responsible for the colour in plum fruits. The waste part of the plum after processing is thrown out by the processing industries which contain sufficient quantity of anthocyanin pigment which can be further processed for extraction of anthocyanins. Present investigation was carried out to standardize the extraction and concentration of anthocyanin from plum var Santa Rosa. Four different extraction methods involving Ethanol (50% and 100%) and Citric acid (0.1% and 0.2%) with two levels of concentration of anthocyanin extracts (8:1 and 10:1) were tried. Result shows that with different treatment combinations tried there were significant differences in terms of yield and colour of the extracts. The best result was obtained with 50% Ethanol+0.2% Citric acid with 10:1 concentration ratio in terms of maximum anthocyanin content (325 mg/100 ml) and highest sensory evaluation (hedonic) score (8).
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