Vol. 8 No. 2
Effect of different water and nutrient management practices on rice grown under SRI
Abstract: A field experiment with three irrigation levels of 2.5 cm irrigation 0 day after disappearance (DAD), 3 DAD and 6 DAD of ponded water and five nutrient levels i.e. 120 kg N, 60 kg P2O5 and 40 kg K2O ha-1 (F1), FYM 10 t ha-1+100% F1 (F2), FYM 10 t ha-1+75% F1 (F3), FYM 10 t ha-1+50% F1 (F4) and FYM 10 t ha-1 (F5) was conducted at Rajendra Agricultural University Farm, Pusa during kharif 2009 and 2010 respectively in Split Plot Design with three replications. The test variety was Rajendra Mashuri-1. Results of the experiments indicated that all the growth and developmental parameters viz. plant height, number of tillers per hill, dry matter accumulation, panicle per m2, grain and straw yield were better at 2.5 cm irrigation 0 DAD over 6 DAD but were at par with 3 DAD. Both the gross and net return were significantly higher at 0 DAD over 6 DAD but at par with 3 DAD while, F2 (FYM 10 t ha-1+100% F1) was significantly higher over all nutrient levels. The highest return per rupee of investment was recorded at 2.5 cm irrigation 3 DAD while, it was significantly higher at F1 (120 kg N, 60 kg P2O5 and 40 kg K2O ha-1) over all the nutrient levels but at par with F2 (10 t FYM ha-1+100% F1) level.
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