Vol. 8 No. 2
Impact of fertilizer on yield of papaya cv. Pusa Dwarf under Indo Gangetic condition
Abstract: Papaya is one of the important fruits being grown in Indo-Gangetic plain and has an important place in homestead gardening in diverse ecosystems. The productivity of papaya is low due to lack of appropriate nutrient management. In a field experiment, an attempt was made to evaluate the interaction effect of nitrogen and potassium on yield and its contributing characters of papaya cv. Pusa Dwarf with the objective to enhance papaya productivity under Eastern Uttar Pradesh conditions. Results revealed that fruit set and growth (number and weight) along with fruit yield hectare-1were found significantly maximum with the combination of 200 g nitrogen and 300 g potassium doses over all other nutrient combinations. However, significantly lowest value with respect to fruit number and weight along with yield was observed for N0K0treatment; therefore, experiments might be concluded that balanced fertilizer application with appropriate interaction of nutrient could be more beneficial and remunerative in papaya cultivation under Indo-Gangetic plain.
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