Vol. 8 No. 2
Effect of different row spacing on ratoonability of high sugar genotypes of sugarcane hybrids
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during consecutive three years from spring season of 2009 to 2011 (plant-ratoon-ratoon cycle) to assess the ratoonability of three sugarcane genotypes viz. cvs. Madhuri (CoB 94164), BO 91, Rasbhari (CoSe 95422) each at three row spacing (60, 90 and 110 cm) in split plot design, keeping three sugarcane genotypes in main plot and three row spacing in sub-plot, replicated thrice. Planting of sugarcane was done during third week of February and their ratoon was initiated during first week of February. Ratoon sugarcane genotype cv. Madhuri (CoB 94164) yielded significantly highest number of millable ratoon canes (77, 120 and 69,460 ha-1 in first and second ratoon, respectively), sucrose (16.94 and 15.81%), commercial cane sugar (11.24 and 10.41%), commercial cane sugar yield (7.99 and 5.55 t ha-1) and ultimately cane yield (71.04 and 53.24 t ha-1 in first and second ratoon, respectively) followed by var. BO 91 and Rasbhari. Significantly highest ratoon cane yield (64.52 and 52.68 t ha-1 in first and second ratoon) was recorded in 90 cm spacing followed by 60 and 110 cm spacing. The significant interaction between row spacing and genotype showed that the highest ratoon cane yield exhibited with Madhuri (cv. COB 94164) variety at 90 cm row spacing.
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