Vol. 9 No. 1
Estimation of perception on discontinuance to measure social entropy in a farm ecology: A global perspectives
Abstract: Social entropy is a serious problem in social system in India. Farmers are often and then imposed with the technology and it is creating resentment among them after adopting for some periods because of non suitability to their sustainable livelihood situation. Discontinuance of conventional practices is not new now a day. Often and then farmers are discontinuing the traditional technology to welcome new technology. When farmers\' desires are unmet, when they are fatigued with the old practices, it creates a kind of social entropy in a social system. Social entropy is a kind of disorder or chaos in social system which is visible by the negative cognitive behaviour of the farmers. Ex post facto design of research method was conducted in two villages namely Ghoragacha in West Bengal and Chiroura in Bihar. Marketing orientation (×26), Adoption leadership (×17), Family Education status(×3), Utilization of cosmopolite source of information(×28) and Economic motivation (×22) have been found to cause the discontinuance of the conventional farming practices. Coefficient of correlation, Stepwise regression analysis, path analysis was used for the analysis of data collected from 150 farmers and ultimately to understand the dictum of social entropy which are transforming our social ecology. Social entropy to social ecology, can address the social responsibility at the same time by sustaining the livelihood of the millions of famers in our country.
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