Vol. 9 No. 1
Changes in non-exchangeable K in an acid and the corresponding limed soil as affected by addition of nitrogenous and potassic fertilizers
Author(s): R. DAS AND D. SAHA
Abstract: A laboratory experiment was conducted to study the changes in non-exchangeable K in a half limed, full limed as well as the corresponding unlimed soil. All three soils were treated with nitrogen (urea) and potassium (MOP) fertilizers either alone or in combination. Soils were maintained at 60% of the water holding capacity. The results showed that, irrespective of treatments, full limed soil recorded highest amount of non-exchangeable K over that of half limed as well as unlimed systems. Results further showed that irrespective of treatments, non-exchangeable K in unlimed acid soil increased up to 30th day then decreased on 60th day but again increased on 90th day of the incubation. However, limed soil did not show similar trend of results. Non-exchangeable K decreased up to 60th day in half limed soil and up to 30th day in full limed soil and then showed an increasing trend thereafter. Results further showed that during the 90 day period of incubation, nitrogenous and potassic fertilizer did not show any significant effect on non-exchangeable K content in soil.
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