Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 10 No. 1
Assessment and analysis of socio-economic correlates for characterizing the overall performance of handicraft enterprises in Assam
Abstract: The concept of ‘entrepreneurship development’is becoming global phenomenon today not only because of industrial growth and business ventures but also a solution of unemployment and for the socio-economic prosperity of the community. In case of handicraft, craft form is a significant sector in India, not only because of their intrinsic cultural and aesthetic value but also because of their promising potential for economic development. An entrepreneurship development process is a judicious blend of management and risk orientation process for profit maximization. The present study was conducted at Pub Nalbari block of Nalbari district and Balipara block of Sonitpur district under the state Assam with respondents selected randomly. For the growth of any enterprise efficient management plays a key role. This management includes planning, production and market management. The study revealed that majority of the handicraft entrepreneurs efficiently managing their enterprise for profit maximization and experience, increased income, education and use of skill hired labour played a crucial role in entrepreneurship management, quality product and minimizes the risk and ultimately improves the performance of the enterprise.
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