Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 10 No. 2
Fish production in Manipur- an economic analysis
Author(s): 19-23
Abstract: The present study was carried out in Manipur state to study the cost and returns of fish production under different farm categories and to find out the constraints of fish production. For this purpose, multistage random sampling procedure was adopted for the selection of the ultimate unit of samples. The data was collected from 100 selected fish farmers of Imphal-west district of Manipur during the period 2010-11. The fish farmers were classified into two categories i.e. category I (e” 1hectare) and category II (Â 1hectare) according to their allocation of area under fish farming. The study revealed that overall the average cost of fish production per hectare was Rs 99107.9. Comparatively higher per hectare cost was observed in category I, Rs 109902.32 followed by category II, Rs 93036.04. .The total fixed investments per hectare have been highest on category II (small farms), followed by category I (large farms). On an overall average, Net Income per hectare was observed as Rs 27940.77. Comparatively, higher per hectare Net Income was observed in category II Rs 36963.96 followed by category I Rs 18917.58. The Benefit-Cost ratio has been found profitable in both the farm categories, it being higher in category II (1.4) than category I (1.17). The lack of training facilities relating to new technology, non-availability of good quality fingerlings, lack of storage facilities, financial problems and price fluctuation are some of the major constraints faced by the fish farmers.
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