Vol. 10 No. 2
Studies on seed germination and seedling growth of papaya (Carica papaya L.) cv. Coorg Honey Dew as influenced by media and chemicals
Author(s): R. Kumawat, S. Maji, Govind and D. C. Meena
Abstract: Papaya is one of the most important fruit crops belongs to family Caricaceae grown in tropical to subtropical areas all over the world. It is normally propagated by seeds which show wide variability in germination and seedling growth. The present experiment was carried out to find out the role of media and bio-regulators on seed germination and seedling growth of papaya. The bio-regulator GA3, borax and thiourea were applied along with media mixture i.e. soil, compost, cocopeat and river sand. The experiment comprised with three media [M1 - Soil + compost + cocopeat (1:1:1), M2 – Soil + compost + river sand (1:1:1) and M3 – soil + cocopeat + riversand (1:1:1)], three bio-regulators and chemicals [C1- GA3 - 150ppm, C2 - Borax - 0.5% and C3- Thiourea – 2000 ppm) and their combinations with 16 treatments. The experimental treatments were laid down in factorial CRD with three replications. The seeds were sown in poly bags filled with respective media and treated with respective bio-regulators. The results showed that the application of treatment M1C1 [Soil + compost + cocopeat (1:1:1) + GA3 - 150ppm] was found superior for early as well as higher germination percentage, better shoot growth, better growth of tap root, secondary root production and chlorophyll content in seedlings of papaya cv. Coorge Honey Dew under drier tracts of sub tropical area of Lucknow. ..
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