Vol. 10 No. 2
Potentiality of landraces of rice in crop improvement programme in New Alluvial Soil of West Bengal
Author(s): A. Chakravorty, A. Ghosh and P. D. Ghosh
Abstract: In West Bengal, it is most promising to tender early maturing high yielding varieties of rice since they can fulfil their life cycle successfully within short period of persisting cool temperature. The objective of this present investigation was to identify these high yielding early maturing genotypes of rice having quality characters and higher performance in grain yield. A study was conducted during kharif season 2010-12 at Zonal Adaptive Research Station, Krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal to evaluate some promising traditional rice germplasms and to identify the suitable cultivars for early days (D) to maturity with high grain yield. Cultivars Machkata, Laldhula and Kalamkathi (white) showed high grain yield. Cultivars showing early maturity (112-120 days) were Netaisal (116D), Dhuri (116.5D), Kalamkathi (white) (117.5D), Jhuli (119D), Baidjhulur (120D) and Dhuladhan (120.5D). The superior variety which showed early maturity was Kalamkathi (white). Maximum cultivars had sweet fragrance except Laldhula and Malliksal which were with strong fragrance. Cultivars which showed extra long slender grain (> 7.5mm grain length and >3.0 grain length/breadth ratio) were Machkata, Laldhula, Kalamkathi (white), Badshabhog, Behalsal, Mallicksal, Netaisal, Kalma, Lalhusri and Annada....
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