Vol. 10 No. 2
Studies on variability, heritability, genetic advance and path analysis in some indigenous Aman rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Author(s): R. Ketan and G. Sarkar
Abstract: A wide range of variability was observed for nineteen quantitative characters in 26 indigenous aman rice cultivars. Five genotypes viz., Sabita, Kamini, Kumorogor, Sadakamisoru and Narkelchari were superior in grain yield per plant and grain L/B ratio simultaneously. The magnitude of PCV was higher than the corresponding GCV for all the characters. High heritability was observed days to 50 per cent flowering, plant height, 1000 grain weight, panicle length, florets number per panicle, kernel length and kernel L/B ratio. Number of grains per panicle recorded the highest genetic advance followed by floret number per panicle, plant height and number of secondary branches. High heritability in conjunction with high genetic advance was registered for plant height, days to 50 per cent flowering and number of secondary branches. High heritability with low genetic advance was observed for panicle length, panicle weight, kernel length and kernel L/B ratio. Grain yield per plant was significantly correlated with number of secondary branches per panicle at phenotypic lavel while panicle weight, florets number per panicle, number of grains per panicle and fertility percentage at genotypic and phenotypic level. The florets number per panicle imparted the highest positive direct effect on grain yield per plant....
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