Vol. 10 No. 2
Impact of improved backyard production system on livelihood empowerment
Author(s): G. Mula, P. S. Patra, S. C. Sarker, B. Paramanik and P. Panda
Abstract: The study was attempted to assess the impact of viable backyard based technological interventions on rural livelihood empowerment to the farmers of four selected disadvantaged districts, viz. Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur, Malda and Murshidabad of West Bengal as a part of National Agricultural Innovation Project. The participatory and personal interview methods were followed to collect the information. The performance of the technological interventions was studied by following “Before-After” design. The results showed positive change in favour of livelihood empowerment. The vermicomposting technology showed net annual return to the tune of more than ` 9000.00. The small multi-tier horticulture technology meets the needs of the households’ nutritional requirement (99.24% per capita increase of vegetable consumption) and also increases the annual income up to 4 times. The performance improvement in case backyard production of goatery, poultry and duckery also helps in improving and sustaining the livelihood status of the beneficiaries. Increase of annual income to the tune of 130.59% from goatery, 88.17% from poultry and duckery holds good for sustaining the livelihood of landless people in the project area. The aquatic niche is managed through the technologies like extensive composite fishery, air breathing fish culture in unutilized derelict ditches and pond dyke based intensive small horticulture cum fodder cultivation led to 46.39% av. increase in fish yield, 62.11% av. increase in annual egg productivity. Briefly, improved backyard production system found to be a distinctive action oriented rural development strategy in view of social and economic aspects. ..
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