Vol. 10 No. 2
Degradation dynamics of clomazone in paddy field
Author(s): A. Bhattacharyya, B. Ghosh, S. P. Das and A. Bhattacharyya
Abstract: To find out the persistence feature of Clomazone (50 EC), recently introduced in India was applied in paddy field, 3-5 days after transplantation of paddy. The study was conducted at BCKV farm, Mohanpur, Nadia during August to November, 2012. Clomazone 50 % EC was applied on paddy @ 1000 ml/ha and 2000 ml/ha along with untreated control. Cropped soil and plant samples were extracted separately with ethyl acetate: acetone (8:2 v/v) and subsequently the extract were cleaned up by using PSA, C18 & GCB. Then the extract was filtered and analysed in GC-MS/MS. The recovery percentage was ranged between 86-95% with LOQ 20 ngg-1 for all matrices. Following first order kinetics, the half-life of clomazone was found in ranges 0.91-1.13 days for cropped soil and 2.04 days for paddy plant respectively. From this study it was proved beyond doubt that Clomazone may not create any residual toxicity problem....
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