Vol. 13 No. 1
Quantitative estimation of protein and minerals in the selected cultivars of Vicia faba
Abstract: Vicia faba provides an excellent source of vegetable protein, aminoacids and minerals, as an essential supplement of cerealbased human diet and is being also used as feed and fodder, showing an appreciable nutritional value of this crop. Twelve Vicia faba cutivars have been analysed to evaluate the protein and minerals content. The protein percentage of different cultivars included in this study have 30 to 32 per cent or more than this. Estimation of alkali earth metals like Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba and Cd, alkali metals like Na, K, Pb and transitional elements like Mn, Fe, Cobalt, Nickel and Zinc were also taken up. Results obtained on the ground of quantitative estimation of these classified minerals have been shown that certain minerals are very essential and significant whereas fortunately certain minerals have been found to have poor amount in all the taxa and someone causes toxicity after a critical limit. Results from the presence of protein and minerals either in high amount or in less amount in the selected taxa of Vicia faba can serve very important and extremely needful for the selection of cultivars regarding the taxonomic and chemical divergence for further utilization.
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