Vol. 13 No. 1
Effect of intercropping on plant and soil of jackfruit grown in New Alluvial soil of West Bengal
Abstract: An intercropping trial was conducted on 8 years old jackfruit orchard planted at 10 x 10m spacing and grown under rainfed new alluvial soil to indentify the suitable and profitable intercrops during 2011-13. The intercrops grown were black gram, cowpea, chick pea, french bean and lentil. The results from investigation indicated that fruit yield was highest in jackfruit withy cowpea followed by chick pea. Maximum fruit weight was with cowpea followed by french bean. Fruit quality did not vary significantly except total sugar content which was highest in fruit of the trees intercropped with chickpea. Nitrogen content in leaves of jackfruit was highest with cowpea intercropping but P and K content did not vary among the treatments. Soil P and K content in different intercropped plots also not varied significantly. However, nitrogen content in soil was higher in all the intercropped plots as compared to sole plot. Highest bio-mass was obtained from cowpea (44.18 q ha-1) followed by French bean (40.88 q ha-1). Highest net return was calculated from jackfruit with cowpea (Rs. 1, 35,911.00 ha-1) followed by French bean (Rs. 1,01,293.00 ha-1).
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