Vol. 13 No. 1
Standardization of harvesting methods in litchi cv. Bombai
Standardization of harvesting methods with different intensity of pruning (non removal of fruiting branch i.e. removal of fruits from the branch only; harvesting of fruits along with the fruiting branch from the base; pruning of 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm branches along with fruiting branch) during harvesting and their effect on flowering and fruit quality was studied at the farmer’s field, Beniagram, New Farakka, Murshidabad, West Bengal during 2008. The experiment was conducted in a randomized block design with four replications on 25 years old plant at spacing of 10 x 10m. Pruning of 10 cm branches produced the maximum number of primary (1.94) and secondary rachis (19.58) per panicle followed by pruning of 15 cm branches (1.89 and 18.54). Maximum number of flowers (1499.38) per panicle was noted due to 15 cm pruning and maximum hermaphrodite flowers (390.86) per panicle with lowest sex ratio (2.81) were recorded by pruning of 10 cm branches. Maximum number of initial (61.80 fruits panicle-1) as well as final (20.47 fruits panicle-1) fruit set per panicle was recorded by pruning of 10 cm branches followed by 15 cm branches with 59.73 and 17.51fruits panicle-1, respectively. Maximum fruit weight (22.06g) and size (3.94 x 3.53 cm) were recorded by pruning of 20 cm branches. From the investigation it was suggested that moderate pruning of 10 to 15 cm branches during harvesting is beneficial to obtain higher yield with quality fruits.

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