Vol. 13 No. 1
Response of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to foliar application of macro and micronutrients in the Red and Lateritic Zone of West Bengal
Abstract: A field experiment was carried out in the red & lateritic soil of Regional Research Station, Jhargram, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal during the rabi season of 2015 to evaluate the response of potato crop to foliar application of macro and micronutrients. The treatments comprised of T 1-Foliar application of zinc (Zn)(Zn-EDTA) @ 1 g.l-1 , T 2- Foliar application of boron(B) (20%) @ 1.5 g.l-1 , T 3- Foliar application of iron (Fe)(FeSo ) @10 g.l-1, T 4- Foliar application of manganese (Mn)(MnSo ) @ 5 g.l-1 , T 5- Foliar application of NPK(19-19-19) @ 10 g.l-1 , T 6– Foliar application of mixture of Zn, B, Fe, Mn, T 7- Foliar application of mixture of Zn, B, Fe, Mn and NPK, T 8-Control(water spray). Among the 7 8 treatments, foliar application of micronutrients mixture i.e. mixture of Zn, B, Fe, Mn along with NPK(19-19-19) produced the highest tuber yield of 22.45 t ha-1 which was 32.01 per cent higher than control plot yield.
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