Vol. 14 No. 1
Imperatives of indigenous knowledge along with the hill farmers of Manipur
Abstract: The unique ethnicity, biodiversity and traditional practices of North East have provocated the inquisitive minds to set off an investigation of its rich indigenous traditional knowledge, practices and culture. The region is a conservatory of indigenous knowledge of cultivating crops, animal husbandry and also the preparation of food and medicines from the highly diversified flora and fauna that are inherent to this region. Indigenous knowledge used in various parts of North East in general and Manipur in particular is still less explored. Unless preserved, indigenous knowledge may pass into oblivion forever and cannot be revived at any cost. Keeping this as the foremost point, a study was conducted in three hill districts of Manipur, North East India in order to facilitate sharing of practices and beliefs of villagers which can improve the level of interaction and to discover various ITK for future sustainable rationalizations and also to validate and develop natural package and practices. There may or may not exist books to read on local culture and practices but they can be better appreciated through other media of expression such as local art, culture, dance, drama, etc. So, indigenous and modern approach may be combined as the so called “technology blending” for the evolution of new technology.
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