Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 14 No. 1
Influence of biofertilizers and inorganic sources of nutrients on seed yield and yield components of rice bean (Vigna umbellata L.)
Abstract: A Field experiment was conducted to assess the impact of biofertilizers Rhizobium and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) in combination with inorganic sources of nutrients, on growth and yield of Rice Bean (Vigna umbellate L.). The results shows that application 100 % Recommended Dose of Fertilizers (RDF) in combination with Rhizobium and PSB increased the plant height, number of clusters plant-1, number of pods plant-1, hundred seed weight and seed yield significantly as compared to recommended dose of fertilizers applied through chemical fertilizers. It was on par with 75 % RDF + Rhizobium + PSB without significant effect on seed yield. Integrated use of inorganic fertilizers and the best combination of biofertilizers (Rhizobium and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria) reduces the use of inorganic fertilizers to 75 per cent without affecting the yield of Rice Bean.
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