Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 14 No. 1
Association analysis among parametric and non parametric measures of G X E interactions for feed barley genotypes
Abstract: Gx E interaction of twenty eight feed barley genotypes, evaluated at fourteen locations under multi location trails of the country, was estimated by parametric and non parametric measures. Genotypes G15, G27, G25, G19, G3, G7, and G2 with bi > 1 had the yield performance more than average yields and were adapted to the favorable environments. W2 i and ó2 i pointed towards genotypes G5, G12, G23, G20, G8 with lower values and of stable performance. GAI identified G25, G9, G11, G4, G26 while Pi marked G25, G11, G26, G23, G24 as desirable genotypes. Environmental variance selected G5, G12, G20, G8, and G3 as with minimum variation across environments. Significant tests of Si (1) and Si (2) observed significantly large values of G4, G7, G8, G14, G22, G25 relative to others. Si (1) and Si (2) marked G14, G4, G7, G22 and G25 as genotypes of stable performance. Si (3) and Si (6) found G14 followed by G22, G7 and G5 as stable ones. NPi (1) recognized G8 followed by G4, G20, G22 and G5 were stable yield. Lower values of NPi (2) and NPi (3) exhibited by G14 besides G5, G22, and G7. More over NPi (4) isolated G14, G22, G5, and G7 with the lower values. Kang’s measure observed values of index for G23, G6, G12, G8 and G24. Average yield maintained positive significant correlation with GAI, Pi & Kang’s while negative association with Si (6), NPi (2), NPi (3), NPi (4). Regression coefficient bi was negatively correlated with Pi. GAI showed negative with Si (3) and significant negative with Si (6), NPi (2), NPi (3), NPi (4).
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