Vol. 14 No. 3
Constraints analysis and formulating stratagems for fishers’ livelihood development by governmental and non-governmental organizations in Sundarban, India
Author(s): A. Ghosh, S. S. Dana, D. Basu and P. K. Sahu
Abstract: The present study was undertaken to ascertain the constraints on fishers’ livelihood development in Indian Sundarban from multi-stakeholders view-pointsand formulation of Stratagems, backed by responses from both fishers and experts’. 150 respondents each from GOs and NGOs (total 300) were chosen from the selected blocks of 24- Parganas (North and South) districts by using multi-stage random sampling technique. Through discussion with beneficiaries and officials of different organizations, six broad categories of constraints were identified for Rank Based Quotient analysis. Beneficiaries across organizations were asked to rank their choices as highly severe constraint followed by next. Results of the study showed that Financial problem was ranked first by beneficiaries from both GOs and NGOs and the same was corroborated by the officials too as they sought more funds from different sources. The alteration in ranks of rest of the problems related to Fishery Inputs, Infrastructure, Capacity Building, Political and Social in case of GOs and NGOs indicate that beneficiaries of GOs and NGOs were not dealt in similar manner by these organizations as part of livelihood developmental interventions. Towards a comprehensive plan of fishers’ livelihood development in Sundarban, stratagems, consisting of experts’ suggestions and remarks have been formulated.
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