Date for submission of Abstract for 6th International Conference AISDGONF-2023 extended to 31st January, 2023
Vol. 14 No. 3
Effect of different pulsing treatments on longevity and freshness of some decorative cut foliages
Author(s): M. Malakar, P. Acharyya and S. Biswas
Abstract: Incorporation of tropical foliages of magnificent hues and shape are quite contemporary but status in domestic and export markets duo are deep-rooted. But post-harvest behavior of few commercially viable cut foliages viz. Aglaonema commutatum macculatum Schott, Asparagus plumosus Bekar, Cordyline terminalis cv. ‘Firebrand’ L. Kunth, Nephrolepis cordifolia L. and Spathyphyllum × Clevelandii L. are less investigated. In this backdrop the current experiment was conducted to evaluate pulsing effect under ambient condition of sucrose 4%, sucrose 4% +AgNo3@100 and 200ppm, sucrose 4%+Al2(SO4)3@100 and 200ppm and sucrose 4%+Disprin 1(490mg) and sucrose 4%+ Disprin 2 (980mg) to regulate aforementioned foliage’s senescence and post-harvest deterioration. Combination of Al2(SO4)3 @ 200ppm+ sucrose 4% yielded protracted vase-life of 29, 12.66 and 7 days in Aglaonema sp., Nephrolepis sp. and Spathyphyllum sp. respectively while fusion of sucrose 4%+AgNo3@100 and 200ppm both exhibited significant longevity of 13 and 14 days for Asparagus sp. and Cordyline sp. respectively. In Spathyphyllum sp. only sucrose 4%+ disprin @ 490 mg contains acetylsalicylic acid, calcium carbonate and citric acid efficiently prolonged vase-life. In N. cordifolia only two biocides and disprin@490mg along with sucrose4% failed to improve the total water uptake while elevated uptake of solutes was prominent in all employed foliages. Enhanced pigment level was observed in all treatment combinations. Conclusively, pulsing by combination of 2 biocides with sucrose 4% can fruitfully magnify these cut foliage’s longevity.
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