Vol. 15 No. 1
Rejoinder of diverse organic growing media on morphological attributes of nine Heliconia species and varieties under West Bengal condition
Abstract: Predominant constraints for successful thrive of Heliconia the trendiest cut flower of tropics are the shortage of apposite genotypes and growth medium under Bengal circumstance. In this backdrop, a field experiment was conducted being employed Heliconia psittacorum × spathocircinata cv. ‘Golden torch’, Heliconia psittacorum var. ‘Choconiana’, Heliconia psittacorum var. ‘Lady di’, Heliconia rostrata, Heliconia humilis, Heliconia stricta var. ‘Dwarf Jamaican Red’, Heliconia wagneriana, Heliconia stricta and Heliconia metallica in Agricultural Experimental Farm of University of Calcutta at Baruipur, West Bengal during 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 using six varied growth media viz. top soil (control), river sand, top soil + river sand (1:1), top soil + dry cow-dung-manure (1:1), top soil + vermicompost (1:1) and river sand+vermicompost (1:1). Finest outcomes for all parameters considered obtained by top soil+vermicompost(1:1) and top soil+river sand+vermicompost(1:1) irrespective of species after four weeks of planting. Plant height increased manifold times in all species and varieties but H. stricta attained the highest (395.02cm) while significant plant spreading of 674.22, 354.79 and 903.73cm2 perceived in ‘Golden torch’, ‘Choconiana’ and H. rostrata respectively. Latter two Heliconia plants yielded also maximum number of shoots clump-1 (13.01 and 14.12) whereas leaf blade length of 102.72cm. found by H. stricta. Noteworthy stem length noticed in H. wagneriana. On the other hand, sufficiently bigger inflorescences, the most striking part of these plant produced by both H. rostrata and H. stricta (77.11 and 60.95cm). On the contrary, utmost number of inflorescences/plant/year produced by hybrid cultivar ‘Golden torch’ (102.23). River sand solely failed to prove its competency while the interaction of top soil+cow-dung-manure (1:1) bestowed lowest vegetative traits.
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