Vol. 15 No. 1
Study on genetic variability and correlation for floral traits and yield in Heliconia genotypes
Abstract: Exploration on genetic variability and diversity of Heliconia genotypes amongst yield and floral biology traits were executed being intended to investigate the prime floral parameters quite potential to enact vital role in breeding and also inflorescence productivity per annum. The study revealed noteworthy dissimilitude in flowering behavior of different varieties under West Bengal condition. Here, ‘Golden Torch’, a hybrid cultivar merely showcased perpetual flowering whereas other are considerably seasonal. Highest genotypic and phenotypic variabilities were observed for anthocyanin content. Likewise, PCV of 61.43% for duration of male phase and GCV of 58.34% for number of flowers/inflorescence were apparent as second highest. Here, characters days from first to last flower opening, days from emergence to male and female phase and duration of male and female phase recorded high heritability coupled with high genetic advance manifests possibility of genetic improvement through selection. Duration of male and female phase duo showed significant positive phenotypic and genotypic correlation with days from first to last flower opening and days from bud emergence to full unfurling of bracts. Furthermore, inflorescence productivity year-1 was found to be positively correlated with inflorescence length and number of open bracts at genotypic and phenotypic levels both.
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